Martina Haak

Martina Haak

Natural cosmetics from the Lower Rhine area

My name is Martina Haak and I am the founder of Naturmädchen. I have always felt most at home in nature. One reason why I founded this label from my tranquil home on the Lower Rhine and not in a metropolis. For me it is the most beautiful thing to be in the countryside. After all, in our digital world you can be successful from anywhere – isn’t that great? Three years ago, I took the step I dreamed of for a long time: After more than seven years, I gave up my permanent position as project manager at a management consultancy and laid the foundation stone for my own natural cosmetics label. Right from the start, I trusted in my experience working with different cosmetics manufacturers, but my knowledge of unfilled niches also strengthened my plans to set up my own company. One morning, I spoke the thought that had long matured in me out loud at the breakfast table: I want to do it alone. And according to my ideas! And then it all started.

High quality care products

The trend towards natural cosmetics has been inspiring me for many years, not only as a management consultant, but also privately, I pay attention to the exclusive use of high-quality oils and serums. I find it fabulous that more and more people are becoming aware of the environment and want to do without animal testing, parabens, synthetic fragrances and packaging tricks. But even though the segment is growing, I missed products in the moderate price segment that are both suitable for everyday use and aesthetic at the same time, with which I can identify. I think anyone who chooses natural cosmetics should not have to make any compromises – neither in terms of effect, fragrance, look nor price.

Cosmetics for sensitive skin

So I started to develop a natural cosmetics line for demanding women who enjoy their care routine and modern design, but are tired of the beauty promises of the companies. naturmädchen thus stands for a reduced care made in Germany, which takes care of the needs of the skin and is especially suitable for sensitive skin due to the renunciation of synthetic or genetically modified ingredients. In addition, nothing comes into our puristic pump dispensers and bottles. Our products care for the skin with high-quality plant substances, which only become a sensory experience due to their natural properties and their unadulterated scent. Those who concentrate on the essentials and the best quality do not need any additives. We can learn from nature that what is there is more than enough.

Vegan natural cosmetics from a super team

In 2017, with a small 5-person team of dermatologists, marketing professionals, designers and developers, I started formulating the formulations, focusing on ingredients that regenerate every skin type and restore the natural protective function. In this way, natural girls combine selected vegan raw materials from controlled organic cultivation into a harmonious series that includes an intensive care serum, a moisturizing face cream, a vital care oil and a deep cleansing micelle water.

Effective Ingredients

Power active ingredients include avocado and meadowfoam oil, mango and cocoa butter, oranges, sea buckthorn, marigold, and cocoa. Also the cell-damaging blue light (HEV), which radiates to us daily from screens and Smartphones, is treated with pure plant power: naturmädchen face cream contains an active ingredient of the Marigold plant which, in addition to hydrating and antioxidant properties which slow down the degradation of collagen and elastin, acts as a filter and prevents the penetration of high-energy radiation into the deepest skin layers. Excessive care with too many ingredients is one of the most harmful influences on our skin, along with sun and HEV radiation and stress. The formulations of naturmädchen form a conscious antipole and bring the skin back to its natural balance. I wish you much joy with our products and I am happy to receive suggestions and critics. Write us at any time under