Avocado oil


Avocados have been enjoying increasing popularity for several years now as a valuable source of fat for vegans and vegetarians. The tropical fruit can also score points outside the kitchen. With its  numerous vitamins and valuable fatty acids, avocado oil is also perfectly suited for the production of high-quality natural cosmetics for sensitive skin.


Avocados: Power fruit from Central America

Originally the avocado comes from Mexico. Native peoples there used the valuable fruit more than 10,000 years ago. With the increasing popularity of the pear-shaped fruits of the tree, however, the areas where they were cultivated also grew. Fruits exported to Germany today mostly come from Israel, South Africa, Spain or Italy. Imports from Mexico and South America are often more expensive, and the longer transport time means that the quality of the avocados also suffers.


avocado oil for natural cosmetics from controlled organic cultivation

All avocados for naturmädchen natural cosmetics for sensitive skin come from controlled organic cultivation. On the one hand, this means that no forests are cut down and animals are robbed of their natural habitat to grow the fruit. On the other hand, the farmers naturally use no harmful pesticides. In the entire value chain from the fruit on the tree to the finished avocado oil, the focus is on fairness, sustainability and environmental protection. This means fair payment for all those involved, environmentally friendly cultivation and processing methods and, if possible, short transport routes.


From avocado fruit to valuable avocado oil

For the production of avocado oil only the fruit pulp is used. The avocado seeds contain fats and amino acids. However, their exact composition has not yet been sufficiently researched. In addition, the fatty fruit flesh provides enough oil. Compared to many other raw materials for natural cosmetics, avocados are extremely productive and resource-saving, which in turn benefits the environment.

To produce avocado oil for skin-flattering natural cosmetics, our bio-certified suppliers either use the pulp of ripe avocados or extract the fats from the whole, still hard fruit. They then gently refine the oil obtained to make it more durable. At the same time, of course, as many of the valuable vitamins and minerals as possible should be preserved. Later on they fulfill valuable tasks.


This is what avocado oil does in naturmädchen natural cosmetics

There are three reasons why avocado oil is ideal for the production of skin-caring natural cosmetics for sensitive skin:

    1. Fatty acid composition with a lot of oleic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids ensures a good consistency
    2. High content of vitamin A and E has an antioxidative effect and promotes regeneration
    3. Especially well tolerated and therefore also suitable for very sensitive skin

In the list of ingredients of our naturmädchen face cream you will find avocado oil under its scientific name Persea Gratissima Oil.


High content of fat-soluble vitamins

With vitamins A and E, avocado oil contains two highly effective radical scavengers which protect the skin from oxidative stress and can thus prevent premature skin aging. Vitamin A also supports the formation of resistant horny cells in the outer skin layer. It therefore has a strong pore refining effect and can even help against acne.
The total content of vitamin E in avocado oil is somewhat lower compared to other high-quality natural oils – but avocados contain a particularly high amount of valuable α-tocopherol, which is highly effective in the skin and supports the natural cell metabolism there. Vitamin E is also needed by the skin cells for their regeneration, so that the active ingredient can ensure faster recovery, especially for brittle and damaged skin.


avocado oil supports the natural cell regeneration

However, vitamin E is not the only ingredient of avocado oil that supports the cell regeneration. Also the contained vitamin D stimulates the cell division and thus the natural regeneration ability of the skin. At the same time vitamin D strengthens the skin barrier and the body’s own immune system. As a result, sensitive skin is not only less exposed to stress, but can also recover better from stressful environmental influences such as UV radiation, air pollution or dry heating air.


avocado oil ensures great consistency and fast absorption

Avocado oil contains a high proportion of palmitoleic acid. On the one hand, this ensures that creams with this active ingredient are absorbed particularly quickly and without residue. On the other hand, palmitoleic acid also provides the so-called slide rail effect. It does not pass the natural skin barrier on its own but with other active agents in the luggage. This way all the valuable ingredients of our naturmädchen face cream get especially deep into the sensitive skin. They can not only act superficially through the assisting avocado oil but also help to support the renewal of the skin from the inside. In natural cosmetics, avocado oil acts like a booster for all other active ingredients and thus provides concentrated power.


Very good tolerance for inflamed and sensitive skin

Skin that is prone to inflammation and sensitive skin often only has a weakly developed natural acid mantle. Pathogens and other harmful substances from the environment can therefore penetrate more easily and harm the skin. The phytosterols contained in avocado oil are similar to the cholesterol located in the cell membrane. The skin cells can therefore use this active ingredient as a building block and strengthen their natural protective function. They also stimulate cell division so that gaps in the skin’s natural protective barrier can be closed more quickly.

With an intact barrier, sensitive skin is better protected against harmful environmental influences and inflammations can calm down and heal faster. At the same time, the natural protective film on the skin, which is strengthened by the lipids contained in avocado oil, prevents sensitive skin from drying out and becoming chapped or brittle. Together with moisturizing ingredients, the skin appears fresher and more radiant. Small wrinkles are softened.


avocado oil against acne and neurodermatitis

Creams with avocado oil are particularly effective for acne and neurodermatitis. The high content of vitamin B12 can help to reduce the frequent inflammations. At the same time, the anti-inflammatory and regeneration-promoting ingredients of avocado oil ensure a fast regeneration of even sensitive skin.

However, if you have very oily facial skin that tends to impurities, you should not apply avocado oil purely. With its comedogenicity of 2, it can clog pores and make impurities even worse.

While many active ingredients are unpleasant on damaged skin at first, avocado oil is itself super tolerable for neurodermatitis or other skin diseases. On the one hand the abundant palmitoleic acid contributes to this. Not only does it bring other active ingredients better into the skin, it also inhibits inflammation. In addition, naturmädchen natural cosmetics contain no artificial preservatives, colorants or fragrances, of course. It is therefore ideally suited for sensitive skin that is prone to hypersensitivity or allergic reactions. Test it now!


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