Clean Beauty


Clean Beauty: Natural, pure and harmless

As a fan of natural cosmetics and naturmädchen, you have probably been paying close attention to the ingredients of your beauty products and cosmetics for quite some time. No wonder, after all, more and more chemical substances are known to have a negative impact on health or even cause long-term damage. Clean Beauty is the cosmetics industry’s reaction to the growing demand of its customers for transparency and products that are free of all kinds of questionable ingredients.


Clean Beauty – what exactly is it ?

Clean Beauty, clean cosmetics, is what manufacturers refer to as products that are free of certain ingredients. Many ingredients in hair and skin care products give great results temporarily, but can cause long-term damage. But more and more consumers are interested in sustainable solutions that are also suitable for sensitive skin.

An aggravating factor is that with the multitude of complicated chemical designations on the packaging, hardly anyone can keep track. Transparency regarding the ingredients and their respective function for the product can therefore also be an important part of clean beauty products. One reason for this is that more and more consumers are sensitive to aggressive ingredients such as artificial fragrances or preservatives.

Another aspect that resonates with the Clean Beauty movement is the desire for environmentally friendly and sustainable products. This is why manufacturers often use terms such as organic, natural or green in this context – but unfortunately this is not a guarantee that the cosmetics or care products are really environmentally friendly.


Clean Beauty: These specifications are obligatory

As Clean Beauty is not an official designation or a recognised certification seal, each manufacturer can define this term for himself. What falls under Clean Beauty for one person would be categorically excluded by another. Many manufacturers are only too happy to use the label to promote their products – even if they cannot keep the promises that come with it in the end. You notice: Unfortunately, it is still up to you to judge when a brand is really Clean Beauty and when the term has been misused.

But before you panic, remember that ingredients that have been proven to be harmful to health are banned in the EU anyway. In total, more than 1,300 different substances are not approved for use in cosmetics within the EU. If you have particularly sensitive skin, you may also react strongly to ingredients that are mainly harmless. The restrictions also do not apply to products from the USA. You should therefore be particularly careful here.

A good and reliable guide are the requirements for natural cosmetics drawn up by the expert committee “Cosmetic Products”. This is a term defined by the European Council. Manufacturers may only designate as natural cosmetics those cosmetics which do not use synthetically produced preservatives and do not contain any potentially harmful impurities. This means that natural cosmetics largely meet the requirements of Clean Beauty – even if manufacturers do not explicitly point this out.


That’s why Clean Beauty is good for you and your skin

An average woman is exposed to about 125 different chemicals every day. In addition to air pollution and contaminants in food, many of these are also found in personal care products and cosmetics. The long-term effects of many of these substances have not yet been sufficiently studied. Experts suspect that some of them are by no means as safe as their safe use would suggest.

For example, parabens have a similar structure to the hormone oestrogen and can therefore upset your hormone balance. By using clean natural cosmetics, you can effectively reduce the number of harmful substances you are exposed to every day – and do something good for your health.

Last but not least, the environment and nature also benefit from clean cosmetic products. The ingredients of shower gels, creams and other care products are usually released into the environment via our bodies or wastewater. There they can also accumulate and contaminate or even kill animals and plants. Here too, natural cosmetics are the better choice.


These critical ingredients have no place in clean cosmetics:

The specifications for Clean Beauty products can be set by each manufacturer for himself. However, due to their problematic side effects, not using the following ingredients is particularly helpful for your health and the environment.


PEG (polyethylene glycol)

PEG’s are used as emulsifiers, but are suspected of being carcinogenic.


Many cosmetics contain tiny plastic particles to increase the cleaning effect or to achieve a more beautiful colour. However, if these tiny plastics end up in the environment, which is inevitable, they pollute the rivers and ultimately the seas. Researchers also fear that microplastics can enter the body through the skin and also have a harmful effect there.


Oxybenzone influence the hormone balance and are considered to trigger allergies. They are contained in chemical sunscreens and are easily absorbed by the skin.

Mineral oils

Oil components are hidden as liquid, paraffin or petrolatum in the ingredients of many cosmetics. They have a slightly caring effect, but clog the pores in the long run. Therefore, high-quality natural oils from vegetable sources are better.


Parabens are a reliable substance to increase the shelf life of creams and other cosmetics. However, their structure is similar to that of oestrogen and can therefore lead to serious side effects.


DBP, DEHP, DEP and BPA provide a great consistency, but disturb the hormonal balance in the body.


Silicones ensure that hair is easy to comb and can pad up small wrinkles on the face – if they get into the body, however, they can upset the hormone balance. Over time, they also accumulate and ensure that other caring substances no longer enter the cells.


Sulphates reliably cleanse the skin and ensure that shower gel, soap and co. foam properly. However, they also attack the natural protection of skin and hair, drying them out in the long term.

Synthetic fragrances

They give care products an appetizing smell. However, sensitive skin often reacts to them with itching or reddening.


Clean Beauty at naturmädchen: Yes of course!

The care products of naturmädchen are genuine vegan natural cosmetics, because our plant ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation. This means that we go far beyond the current fashion label Clean Beauty. With us you will not only get skin care that is free of additives and therefore perfectly suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. We also pay attention to the origin of our raw materials and their sustainable cultivation. Last but not least, we naturally refrain from animal testing.

Sustainability for naturmädchen, however, does not only concern our products per se. We go a whole step further: As a climate-neutral company certified by TÜV Nord, we voluntarily make a contribution to compensate for our CO2 emissions. At the same time, we send your purchase to you in packaging made of biodegradable materials with climate-neutral shipping. Even our servers are operated climate-neutrally, as the electricity comes from renewable energies.

So with naturmädchen you get much more than the empty advertising promise that Clean Beauty means for most manufacturers. We focus on real sustainability and environmentally friendly business practices. It goes without saying that our care is suitable for sensitive skin and does not contain any potentially harmful ingredients.


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