Mango butter

MangosAlmost unknown a few years ago, mango butter now plays an increasingly important role in the production of natural cosmetics. Here you can find out why we also use this natural raw material for our naturmädchen products.  

The extraction of mango butter

Mango butter is not made from the orange, sweet flesh of tropical fruits, but from the hard kernel. It is therefore also known as mango seed oil. This is otherwise left over during mango processing, which makes mango kernel oil particularly sustainable. The kernel contains about 9-13% fat, which has to be extracted. Chemical processes are used in the production of conventional mango butter. For our natural cosmetics, however, we work with mango kernels from organic farming, which are also processed gently. Although this reduces the oil yield, but the quality of the oil is even higher. Since high temperatures are not required for extraction, our mango butter for skin care contains many valuable ingredients.  

The skin care oils in mango butter

The oil of the mango is quite similar in its ingredients to shea butter or cocoa butter, for example. The most important ingredients are:
  • Oleic acid: Ensures that skin and facial care products can be easily distributed and promotes the absorption of other active ingredients.
  • Stearic acid: Forms a protective film on the skin that protects against external influences.
  • Palmitic acid: Component of the natural skin barrier, protects dry skin from moisture loss and increases the shelf life of cosmetics.
  • Linoleic acid: Especially rich in lipids and therefore good for dry and sensitive skin; soothing, mild and well tolerated.
  • Vitamins: Mango seed oil contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, C, D and E as well as several B vitamins. Especially vitamin E as a radical scavenger can slow down ageing processes of the skin and support the regeneration of the cells.
The composition of the different fatty acids in mango butter provides its typical consistency. Just like coconut fat, for example, mango seed oil is solid at room temperature but liquid at body temperature. It is therefore often used to give natural cosmetics the right consistency.  

Mango butter in skin care and face creams

In cosmetics, mango kernel oil is mainly used for its moisturizing properties. On the one hand, as an emulsifier, the oil helps to store a particularly large amount of water in skin care products and effectively transports it into the deeper skin layers. On the other hand, the fatty acids palmitin and stearin lay on the skin like a protective coat and prevent it from drying out quickly. Thus facial care and cosmetics with mango butter are excellent for dry skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of linoleic acid and the good tolerance of mango kernel oil ensure that you can use it very well even on very sensitive skin that tends to redness and allergies. For example, mango kernel oil is also suitable as a moisturizing ingredient for hair care products for sensitive scalps or for skin prone to neurodermatitis.  

Mango butter at naturmädchen

For our natural cosmetics from naturmädchen we use only sustainably produced mango butter from controlled organic cultivation. This means that no pesticides or other chemicals get into our cosmetic products. In addition, both we and all our producers refrain from animal testing. So you get a 100% vegan product. We use mango butter in our face cream because of its excellent properties. It has a moisturising effect and is therefore particularly suitable for dry skin. The mango seed oil is absorbed particularly deeply and nourishes the skin not only on the surface but also in the depths. Its soothing, mild effect effectively prevents redness and inflammation due to dry skin. At the same time, vitamin E helps to effectively regenerate the skin. Thus, even heavily stressed skin finds back to its old radiance with the skin care of naturmädchen.


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