Zinc oxide

naturmädchen Sonnencreme mit Zinkoid

Zinc oxide in sun creams – well tolerated, reliable and safe

You have certainly already heard how important sunscreen with a sufficiently high sun protection factor is to prevent skin cancer and that you can even slow down the visible signs of skin aging with it. But did you also know that there are different types of sun creams and why our zinc oxide formula is so well tolerated and safe?


UV protection: These possibilities exist

Overall, you will find two different types of sun creams on the market: chemical and mineral products. Chemical ones often have the problem that they are not tolerated by everyone and more often lead to irritation or allergic reactions. Due to the better tolerance we at naturmädchen have therefore consciously decided against chemical sun protection and in favour of a mineral solution with zinc oxide – anything else would not be suitable for our natural cosmetics. Finally, there has not yet been sufficient research into the extent to which the chemical filters used are absorbed into the body and have hormonal or other effects.


How mineral sun protection works

Our naturmädchen Sun Screen contains countless tiny particles of zinc oxide, which act like a protective shield to protect your skin from UV rays. When they are illuminated by the sun, they reflect this light back. It does not hit your skin at all and therefore cannot cause any damage in the form of sunburn.


Naturmädchen sun protection contains no nanoparticles

Mineral sun creams have increasingly come under criticism in recent years. The main reason for this were so-called nanoparticles. Due to their particularly small size they can partially penetrate the skin. However, a much higher risk comes from a possible inhalation. Especially if you use sun protection to spray on, you can absorb the small particles into your body. It has been proven that titanium dioxide in particular can cause damage.

So that you do not get embarrassed at all, we do not use nanoparticles in the sun protection of naturmädchen. So you don’t have to worry about the application and can enjoy your sunbath in peace and completely free of harmful substances.


Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide – which is better?

The most important factor for you as a user of sunscreen is the sun protection factor. This factor indicates how long the respective product reliably protects you from sunburn caused by too much UV radiation – right?

Unfortunately, this is only half true, because the sun protection factor only indicates the UV protection against UV-B radiation. This is the part of the sunlight that is mainly responsible for the unpleasant sunburn. However, UV-A radiation, which is also contained in the sunlight, damages the collagen in the skin and can therefore lead to premature signs of aging such as wrinkles and increase the risk of skin cancer. UV protection should therefore always keep both types of UV radiation out.

This is the main reason why our naturmädchen UV protection contains zinc oxide: It should not only protect you from sunburn itself, but also from long-term harmful effects. Zinc oxide provides far better protection against UV-A radiation than titanium dioxide, with the same sun protection factor. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the summer. Remember that your skin needs moisture after sunbathing and care for it accordingly with our high-quality natural cosmetics from naturmädchen. This not only gives it a soft brown tone, but also keeps it smooth and supple.


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